Gear & Equipment

All gear and equipment, i.e. waders, rod, reel, line, leaders and flies are provided on all our trips.

However, if you wish to bring your own, we would recommend the following:

     Waist or chest high waders

     Rubber sole wading boots – Missouri has banned the use of porous (felt)   sole wading boots in all cold water fisheries.

     8’6″ to 9′, 5 weight fly rod with floating line (guides have a range of weights to handle all conditions)

     9′ 5X tapered leaders

     6X flurocarbon tippet

Flies can vary a little depending on the time of the year.  Give us a call prior to your trip and we can recommend the most current patterns and colors.  If you like to tie, we’ll be glad to send you recipes for any patterns which we may have developed here for the area.

Items you should bring are:

Eye protection – We highly recommend polarized sunglasses, but any eye protection will work.  Eye protection is a must have item.

Hat or cap to protect your face and ears from the sun as well as flying flies.

Light jacket and/or rain jacket.  Early mornings, even in the summer can be cool due to fog coming off the cold water.

Water temperatures average 48 so they can be cooler in the winter, spring months and warmer in the summer.  Bring necessary under garments to keep you warm in this environment, i.e. wool socks, fleece bottoms.

Sunscreen.  Even during the spring months, sun reflecting off the water can cause a mean sunburn.

On any of our trips, all our guides provide coffee, soft drinks, light snacks, and lots of water on 1/2 day trips.  Full day trips also include lunch.