Bug Eyed Bugger


            TMC 5262 Hook, sizes 6-12 (or equivalent)
            Lead wire, appropriate size for hook you are using
            6/0 Thread, color to match body
            Tail: Woolly bugger marabou
            Thorax: Chenille, medium standard
            Eyes, Black Bead chain, using medium for all sizes
            Hackle:  black with black marabou, furnace with brown
                             body and sculpin olive body.
For a size 6 Bug Eye, dress hook and secure bead chain eyes behind eye of hook. Wrap 10 wraps of .030 lead from slightly behind bead chain eyes backward toward bend. Measure marabou to at least equal the length of the shank of the hook. Attach forward of bend of hook. Attach hackle, then chenille. Wrap chenille forward to bead chain eyes, secure. Spiral hackle forward to behind bead chain eyes, secure. 
A few color combinations we are currently using:
     Sculpin olive marabou tail/black chenille body and furnace hackle
     Dark brown marabou tail/dark brown/olive body and furnace hackle
     Black marabou tail/black body and black marabou
With the high water conditions, we are fishing these on an intermediate sink tip 2.9 ips up to a 5.6 ips sink rate. They fish well cast cross current, especially into shallow bank (3-6 feet). Let sink, then give a couple strips, let drift, strip, etc. Keep moving bug as necessary to keep from hanging up on bottom.   If you don’t have a sink tip line and don’t want to spend lots of money on one, think about the Rio sink tip leaders. They are 7 feet long and come with a loop on the end to attach to your normal floating fly line. We put a perfection loop on the end where you want to attach at least 4X tippet material to fish this heavy water.