Fly Recipes

Organize your tackle box with the detailed River Run Outfitters custom fly recipes.  These custom-made lures are field tested by our guides and customers.  Each successful piece is posted with step-by-step instructions so you can add it to your own fishing adventure.

Our fly recipes detail exact materials and directions for constructing your own irresistible tackle.  These in-depth guides also include best conditions for use, rod and reel combinations and techniques to get the most out of each cast.  We take tried-and-true fly-fishing recipes and combine the expertise of our staff and customers to create original works.  Get the top-grade materials at our shop and test the designs for yourself.  Add your own ingenuity to the cast and be sure to report back with your successful creation!

Fishing recipes include hook, wire, thread, brush, bead and other combinations to imitate the most popular prey of the quarry.  These bright, alluring designs can be simple or elaborate and are specially made to help you master the catch.  Bring the River Run Outfitters fishing recipes to your next outing and bring home the whopper.