More Rain!

Seems like we are getting rain almost every night.  Good news is that it is gone by morning.  Temperatures running in the low to mid 80s this coming week.  Rain predicted for early tis evening.

Lots of wading time.  Generators still off during the morning hours.  Coming on usually around 2:00 for four to six hours.

Scottie – 9/21/23

Fishing is definitely getting better.  Darren had one of his regulars, Scottie on the water last Thursday.  Good day for them on a soft hackle, midge emerger and tan scuds.  They fished the areas above and below the re-bar hole.

Gary had Jacque and Aaron on a wade trip Friday.  They had a good morning.  Jacque was getting some instruction and also managed to hook several fish on the cerise worm and ruby 2 midge.

Saturday, Jim took Kirk and Ed out for a half day.  Tan scud and P&P midge were their patterns.  John was on a wade trip with Dana.

John – 9/23/23

Good day on the P&P and red San Juan worm.  Carolyn had Neil and Todd catching fish on the cream mope fly, cerise worm, Ruby 2 midge and last, but not least, the holographic green crackleback stripped behind a black or olive bugger.  Fun day!

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