Lots Of Fishers This Weekend!

Slight chances (20-30%) for rain every day this week through next Saturday.  Temperatures in the upper 80s and l0w 90%.  Sounds pretty nice to me.

No change in generation pattern except they have started the generators a little later in the day…..around 2:00 p.m. for 4-5 hours then off for the evening.

Grand central station this Labor Day weekend.  Can’t blame them though as the weather was great.  No 100 degree days!  Darren had Gary from Oklahoma on the water Friday.  Good day for them on a midge larvae or pupa and a scud.

Saturday we emptied the store.  Gary was on the water with a one-day Orvis school.  Darren had a family from Florida out, Joe, Richard, Christie and Olivia.  They were catching on small scuds.  Everyone except Joe had never seen a fly rod.  Olivia, the nine year old, caught her first fish on a fly rod!  Jim, Dana and Carolyn had a group of six guys out.  Jim had Brayden and Black,  They caught fish on the P&P midge.  Dana’s guys, Stephen and Michael were catching on the P&P midge and a micro red San Juan worm.  Carolyn had Caden and Kirk fishing a ruby 2 midge with and without a small tan or gray scud.  Fun day for everyone

Todd and Chase fished with Dana Sunday.  The micro red San Juan worm was still working but the P&P gave way to a gray scud.  Darren had three of the family from Florida out again.  Joe, Richard and Margaret.  Scuds were the ticket.  Another fun day for this family.

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