Got A Little Rain This Morning!

Definitely have had a cool down in temperatures.  Had rain early this morning and the high might be 75.  Looks like mid to upper 70s through Friday.  Then it will be low to mid 80s through the middle of next week.  Nice!

Little change in generation today.  They are scheduled to turn on a low one unit at 10:00 a.m. for two hours, bump it up to a low two units for one hour, then back to a low one unit until 4:00 p.m. when it will go to a full two units for an hour then four units for a couple hours.

Listening to some of the fishers coming into the shop, sound like fishing is starting to pick up.  The oxygen is still low, but they have been injecting liquid oxygen into the river to help things.

Bert – 9/8/23

Evan – 9/8/23

Carolyn on the water with Evan and his father-in-law, Bert, last Friday.  Fun day!  Bert was new with a fly rod and with a little more coaching (Evan had been working with him) he was throwing a nice line.  Had a good day for browns.  Best pattern early was the P&P midge.  Later in the morning it was a rusty midge

under the ruby 2.

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